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  • How Often Should I Schedule Cleanings for My Cement Silos?

If you’ve ever done work with General Chipping, or if you’ve spent any time reading our website, chances are you know we recommend having your cement mixing drums and central mixers chipped every three months. But what about your cement silos? If wet cement isn’t flowing through them, do they really require regular maintenance? In short, the answer is, yes.

Humid conditions, invasive animals and similar obstacles can cause moisture to work its way inside your cement storage silos. The clumping that results can lead to slower cement flow or even 100% blockage — taking your team’s productivity down to zero. And that can deal a devastating blow to your company’s bottom line.

Although cement storage silos might not require maintenance as frequently as your other equipment, we suggest having professionals give them the once-over anytime you plan to switch out the materials stored inside. It might seem like yet another task to add to the list, or just another expense, but trust us, it’s worth it. That bit of forethought now will save you from a world of headaches down the road. Of course, we also suggest cleanings anytime you experience a clog.

How long has it been since your silos were cleaned? If you aren’t sure — or if you’re well overdue — we’re here to help you out. Book an appointment today and let us hit the road to serve you.

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