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General Chipping has a big announcement, friends — we’ve updated our chipping services website! now features more information than ever before, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. Why did we go to the effort? We wanted to make it easier to understand the silo cleaning and concrete chipping services we carry out each day, and give insight into who we, as a company, are. Here are a few highlights from the new and improved website.

General Chipping announces its new concrete chipping services website.

A Chance to Tell the General Chipping Story
Sure, you know all about our concrete chipping, silo cleaning and central mixer cleaning services, but what do you know about General Chipping itself? Our new About page gives you a deeper look into how we got our start in Houston, Texas — and how we became the company you know today. (It also includes a handy map that shows the areas we frequent most with our concrete chipping work.)

Bigger, Bolder Visuals
They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and our new website has a big story to tell. We’ve filled it with images of the cement mixing drums, redi mix trucks and concrete work that make up our company’s bread and butter. (Look closely and you can spot our incredible crew, too!)

A Continued Effort to Keep You in the Know
General Chipping has always been big on education, and that hasn’t changed with our new site. We’ve got tons of great information about every element of our work, from the glossary of terms and concrete chipping video on our Resources page, to answers to our clients’ FAQs and all the ways we work to keep our crew, clients and equipment safe.

Want to know more about our chipping services website? Interested to learn more about concrete chipping? We’re always glad to hear from people who are interested in what we do. Feel free to contact us at any time. Or, book your next appointment online!

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