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  • Keeping Your Cement Mixer Cleaner: Maintenance Between Concrete Chipping Sessions

Take steps to keep your cement mixer cleaner between concrete chipping appointments.Regular concrete chipping makes a world of difference when it comes to drum maintenance, but at General Chipping we also encourage companies to take efforts to keep their cement mixer cleaner in between appointments, too. Why? Because a well-maintained concrete drum helps ensure proper concrete blends, helps you avoid costly repair work — and generally keeps your business running more smoothly.

Here, we’ve pulled together a few of our top tips for keeping your cement mixer cleaner in the weeks and months between cleanings.

Make an Effort to Pour Any and All Concrete
One of the best ways to keep a cement mixer cleaner is to make use of every last bit of material inside. Concrete pours aren’t an exact science, but it is possible to make an educated guess as to how much concrete a job will require. If possible, find another use for any remaining concrete, such as forming it into bunker blocks which can then be reused. Dumping the remaining product is an option, too, though that route does not allow you to recover any of the product’s value.

Clear Out Whatever Remnants You Can
Even the most careful of pours will leave some residue behind. Consider incorporating concrete removal chemicals into your maintenance routine to eat away at excess material inside your cement mixing drums and keep it from binding to the walls. Pressure washing your drums can also prove effective at removing wet cement, although it most likely won’t do much once the concrete has hardened.

Mind the Outside of Your Drums, Too
It might be the interior portion of your drums that carry out the bulk of your concrete work, but the outside matters, too. After all, dried material there can add extensive weight, and can eventually hinder the drum’s ability to turn. Pressure wash the exterior of your cement mixing trucks’ drums to clear away wet material before it becomes a problem. Not only will it keep your drum working well for you, but a neat appearance helps your company put its best foot forward.

Looking for other helpful tips? We’d be glad to fill you in. Reach out to our crew through our Contact Page. We look forward to hearing from you!

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